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As a participant in clinical research trials, you help bring new treatments to others, and you may get needed treatment that’s not yet on the market. The podiatrists at Artisan Foot and Ankle Specialists participate in ongoing clinical research trials, helping to bring the latest and most innovative treatments to their patients. To learn more about the clinical trials currently recruiting participants, call the office in Mission Viejo or Laguna Hills, California, book an appointment online, or talk with your provider during your next appointment.

Clinical Research Trials Q & A

What are clinical research trials? 

A clinical research trial is a tightly controlled study that uses people to test the safety and effectiveness of a medication, medical device, or other treatments. For example, clinical trials may:

  • Study a new drug
  • Explore new uses for an existing medication
  • Compare a new treatment to a current treatment
  • Determine the safe dose of an existing drug for use in a new age group

Some clinical trials may explore other aspects of health care, such as the role of support groups for helping people stick with their medication regimen.

What happens during a clinical research trial?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closely monitors all clinical research trials. When medications are involved, an independent group of physicians monitors the study to protect the rights and health of the participants.

Before researchers can start a clinical trial, they develop a protocol (action plan) that details how they conduct the study. After the FDA approves the initial action plan, clinical research trials proceed through four phases.

Each phase has a specific goal. Researchers begin with testing safety and dosage, study effectiveness and side effects, and then do a large-scale study to further evaluate all those factors.

The FDA reviews the results at the end of each stage and decides if the clinical trial can proceed to the next step. If the study passes the first three phases, the FDA gives clearance to market the product. 

The final stage involves people in the public who use the product, as the researchers monitor for side effects and effectiveness.

What type of clinical trial research could I join?

At every stage, researchers recruit new participants, so you can try to join any clinical trial that fits your diagnosis and health care needs.

New clinical trials regularly begin for a wide range of podiatric conditions and treatments. A few examples from many clinical trials nationwide include:

  • Oxygen therapy for diabetic foot ulcers
  • Using plasma to treat toenail fungus
  • Comparison of alcohol and steroid injections for Morton’s neuroma
  • Effectiveness of Gentamicin® gel for diabetic foot ulcers

The team at Artisan Foot and Ankle Specialists participate in a variety of clinical research trials. Before you join, they explain all the details, including whether you will be reimbursed for your participation or travel.

Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more about the current and future clinical research studies at Artisan Foot and Ankle Specialists.