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Peripheral artery disease is a circulation condition that affects the arteries outside your heart and brain. About 6.5 million people in the United States have peripheral artery disease. Though the circulation problem may affect any extremity, foot and leg problems are common in people with peripheral artery disease. The podiatry team at Artisan Foot and Ankle Specialists in Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills, California, specializes in treating foot conditions from circulation problems like peripheral artery disease. Call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Peripheral Artery Disease Q & A

What is peripheral artery disease?

Peripheral artery disease is a narrowing or blockage in your peripheral arteries, the arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to your extremities and organs. The narrowing and blockage occur from the buildup of plaque along the blood vessel wall. 

Peripheral artery disease may affect any artery outside the heart and brain but most often affects those in the legs.

Narrowing of the arteries in your legs alters the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to your legs and feet. In addition, poor circulation affects foot health and increases your risk of developing nonhealing wounds. 

What are the symptoms of peripheral artery disease?

Leg pain when walking or climbing stairs that goes away when you stop is the most common symptom of peripheral artery disease. This symptom is known as claudication.

Other signs and symptoms of peripheral artery disease include:

  • Leg pain at rest
  • Numbness or cramping in your legs
  • Loss of leg or foot hair
  • Change in leg color
  • Nonhealing wounds on the legs or feet
  • Change in toenail growth or color

It’s possible to have peripheral artery disease and not experience any symptoms. If you have a history of high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you may be at risk of developing peripheral artery disease.

How does peripheral artery disease affect the feet?

Peripheral artery disease affects circulation to your feet. Peripheral artery disease may complicate your condition if you have an underlying foot condition, such as bunions or hammertoes. 

Poor circulation affects wound healing and minor foot problems, such as an ingrown toenail, toenail infection, or athlete’s foot, and may cause more complications.

People with diabetes and peripheral artery disease are at even greater risk of developing foot problems.

When should I get podiatry care for peripheral artery disease?

If you have peripheral artery disease and a foot condition, whether severe or minor, you need to schedule an appointment with the experts at Artisan Foot and Ankle Specialists.

You should also get podiatry care if you have foot or ankle cuts or wounds. The team specializes in wound care and provides treatment that might prevent the need for more serious interventions like a limb amputation.

Peripheral artery disease affects circulation to your feet and ankles, increasing your risk of more severe health problems with an acute or chronic foot condition. 

For expert podiatry care, call Artisan Foot and Ankle Specialists or schedule a consultation online today.